Our Story

For years we have been traveling the world. Every time we visited
Africa we crossed many countries, people, and landscapes.

We noticed that we were regularly using two or three knives on our
adventures. We wondered if we could find a multi-purpose knife that
would fulfill all our needs. Of course, we also wanted the best. And
although we found many knives we liked, none were practical for what
we had in mind.

As we conducted our search, we sought out advice from many different
people and organizations. We learned that the knife we wanted didn’t
exist. We also learned that we weren’t the only ones who could use
such a knife. Indeed, the more people we talked to, the more it became
clear that such a knife would be well received. So we decided to do a

The ideal multi-purpose knife needed to be able to do many different,
yet very specific jobs. We knew what we wanted, but needed to know
what others wanted as well. To that end, we asked for feedback about
the shape, the blade, the tang, the handle, the length, and many other
features. How would people use this knife? Would it be for, hunting,
skinning, bush skills, camping, collecting, survival? Indeed, we had
many questions.

We conducted a survey to best understand the needs our Ultimate knife
must meet. Our goal is to create the Ultimate multipurpose knife that
provides the optimum tool out there in the bush or on the farm.

Of course, where do you go when you want advice about a specific
experience? Direct to the user. So, we provided our survey to all the
hunting and conservation organizations and associations in Africa.

The response has been fantastic! We are happy to report that all the
major hunting and conservation associations and organizations of
Africa have been very interested. In response, we created a second
survey to include private users and non-professionals.

After few months of data collection and talking to many organizations,
we identified two projects to begin:
- Ranger knife
- Hunter knife

The hunter knife has been an especially exciting project. Indeed, for
the first time in history all the professional hunter associations of
Africa have come together to complete our survey. They have all joined
in their support to participate in helping make this knife a success.

- APHA - African Professional Association
- PHASA - Professional Hunters Association of South Africa
- PHAZ - Professional Hunters Association of Zambia
- TPHA - Tanzania Professional Hunters Association
- ZPHGA - Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guide Association
- NPHA - Namibia Professional Hunters Association
As well as the support of SAHGCA - South African Hunters and Guide
Conservation Association, with some of their branches like Mopani
Branches, Bloemfontain Branch, etc.

Due to the success of the Professional Hunter knife project we decided
to launch a second project for the Rangers of Africa. On the same
principal we ran a survey among all Professional Rangers from:
- SANPARKS - South Africa National Parks
- GRAA - Game Rangers Association of Africa

We are now in the process making handmade samples of both knives.

So, that’s we are today.

In addition, we are working with knife manufacturers to try and lower
the production cost and make the knives more affordable to hunters and

Looking forward, we anticipate making the knives for the rangers of
Africa available through crowd-funding opportunities. Our goal is to
help support them in their everyday work protecting wildlife.

For this, we will need your help and support to raise the funds needed
to supply the knives to the rangers.

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